Madhya Pradesh Rajya Van Vikas Nigam Ltd. was incorporated as a company under the Companies Act, 1956 on 24th July 1975. 

The present authorised capital of the Nigam is ` 40.00 crores and  paid-up capital is ` 39.32 crores, in which the contribution of GoMP  and GoI is  ` 37.93 crores and ` 1.39 crores respectively.


Vision of the Organisation

Supplement the forest department in enriching the tree cover of state alongwith improvement in the socio economic conditions of the people adjoining forest areas.

Mission of the Organisation

  Mission towards Consumers / Beneficiaries

  • To be transparent & fair in dealing with consumers for mutual benefit;

  • To improve socio-economic conditions of the labourers by imparting
     training and involving them as parteners in Nigam's activities.

  Mission towards Government

  • To supplement Government's efforts in extending and enriching the
     forest cover of the State;

  • To give optimal returns to the Government in form of dividends;

  • To continue not to be dependant financially on the State Government.

  Mission towards employees

  • To be transparent & fair with employees and provide them growth opportunities 

  • through training and good management practices.


Objectives of the Organisation

To accelerate and increase forestry production by creating plantation of following species:

  • Species of higher economic value;

  • Fast growing species; and

  • Species capable of diversified use for industrial and commercial purposes.

To enhance the productivity and quality of forest by imposing intensive forest management practices.