HIGH-TECH (Irrigated)



From the year  1997 to 2004 the Nigam has raised High Tech Teak Plantation with the following Plantations objectives and Technical Parameters :-



  1. Suitable forest areas with deep and rich soil having good drainage nearer to natural water sources are selected.

  2. The area is fenced.

  3. Wherever possible, ploughing and cross ploughing is done.

  4. Pits of size 45 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm are dugout and soil MIX having 1 tagadi well decomposed cowdung manure , 100 gm Neem cake 100 gm bio-fertilizer, 100 gm single super phosphate and 20 gm Lindane powder per pit, is added .

  5. Planting with good quality standard size teak root shoots is done during the month of March.

  6. Weeding and soil working once in a month is carried out.

  7. During 1st year, watering is done once or twice a week as per requirement on set of rains, 90 gm NPK chemical fertilizer per plant in 4 split dozes are given, a dose of 100gm bio-fertilizer per plant is also given after one month of planting.

  8. During 2nd year, 200 gm bio fertilizer per plant, 160 gm NPK chemical fertilizer per plant in 4 split doses and watering 2 to 4 limes during March to June is given. Weeding & soil working once in a month, application of insecticide, singling of shoots and debudding operations are also carried out.

  9. During third year, 100 gm NPK Chemical fertilizer in 2 split dose per plant and watering as prescribed in second year is provided.

  10. Thinning during 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th and 21st year are carried out.